About Us

Cycle Technologies developed the science and technology behind Dot in collaboration with global health experts including researchers and statisticians at Georgetown University, Duke University and The Ohio State University.


Through partnership with international and local organizations, the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University strives to expand family planning choices to meet the needs of women and men worldwide, advance gender equality by helping women and men across the lifecycle learn about and take charge of their reproductive health, and involve communities in reproductive health interventions that improve their wellbeing. 


Cycle Technologies is a socially minded consumer products and technology company that creates brilliantly simple solutions to help address women’s reproductive health needs.  We are particularly focused on providing women all over the world with effective fertility awareness-based family planning options. 


EastBanc Technologies is a software development company delivering flexible technology solutions. Our tight-knit team’s blend of skills and experiences (we are scientists, mathematicians, and engineers) means we are constantly solving problems. We break complexity down and deliver tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems—increasing efficiencies and maximizing value.


This study is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as a part of a larger grant awarded to the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University focusing on improving fertility awareness, using innovative technology, called the Fertility Awareness for Community Transformation (FACT) Project. USAID is funding this study primarily because of Dot’s capacity to expand method choice to women around the world.