Dot Study Newsletter

Quarterly Update: October 2018

We are excited to announce that we have finished collecting data for the study! The final participant completed 13 cycles on October 15th. Three hundred and thirty-six participants completed the full study. Altogether, we collected data from 6,616 menstrual cycles. 

From your first enrollment call to your final exit survey, you've provided incredibly valuable data that helps us understand how Dot is used and how effective Dot is for preventing pregnancy. Thank you again for your contributions to the study! 

Quarterly Update: May 2018

Remember many months ago when you enrolled in the Dot Study? 

The process of enrolling participants through an app for a clinical trial of this kind hadn't really been done before, so there were a few learning curves as we got the study rolling. We had to work out the kinks to ensure a smooth enrollment and on-boarding process. By the end of a six month enrollment period,  we had modified the process three times (moving from a call center-based enrollment process to a chat feature and then to self-enrollment) and enrolled over 700 participants.  

Quarterly Update: February 2018

This week marks the one year anniversary of the launch of the Dot study! Thank you for embarking on this journey with us. We'd like to take the opportunity to reflect on this past year and highlight some of the major milestones we've reached together. 

In a short period of time last year, our team recruited over 700 participants to assess the efficacy of the Dot app in preventing pregnancy. Most of you are already halfway through the study, and we've collected data from over 4,500 completed cycles!


Quarterly Update: September 2017 

We've passed our milestone of 1,000 cycles! The Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University would like to thank you all for joining us on this journey to study Dot. We are excited to announce that we have data from over 1,300 completed cycles and an encouraging amount of support from our participants. 

  • Over 95% of participants who are in the Dot study say it is very important or important to be preventing pregnancy at this time.

  • Over 95% of participants have completed the month 1 follow-up survey.

  • Over 65% of participants are completing more than 75% of their daily data.

  • More than 21% of participants are nearly halfway done with the study.

Quarterly Update: June 2017 

We at the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University would like to thank you for joining us on this journey to study the Dot app. The Dot study is the first study ever conducted on a fertility app in real time, and we're so excited to learn from you.

We believe this should be a two-way relationship, though. That means that each quarter of our study, we'll be pausing to consider some of the things we've learned along the way and share them with you. These findings will be aggregated from the data that you've provided to us. We hope you'll find them as interesting and informative as we do!